New VS-62H 4K matrix HDMI switcher

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Kramer ElectronicsKramer Introduces New VS-62H Ultra HD Meeting Room Automatic Matrix Switcher

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the new VS-62H dual-output fully-automated, 6X2, HDMI matrix switcher. VS-62H is a 4K router with a total data rate capability of 8.91Gbps (2.97Gbps per channel) supporting Ultra HD (4K) signals.

VS-62H features a small desktop form-factor with embedded webpage control more.

RAC10 airflow control system

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RAC10An intelligent fan system that evacuates heat from small network closets

IT WatchDogs developed an intelligent fan system that monitors and evacuates heat from small network/IT rooms and data center closets.

The self-contained RAC10 system installs within standard ceiling tile structures or walls and is designed to remove heat generated by critical IT more.


Wireless KVM switch?

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Does a wireless KVM exist? or - can a wireless keyboard/mouse work with a KVM switch?

Wireless keyboard/mouseA KVM switch and wireless keyboard and mouse to control it don't always live in harmony. More often than not, a wireless keyboard may work just fine controlling a KVM switch, but a wireless mouse migh more.

FC-2xETH manages Ethernet to serial conversion

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Kramer ElectronicsFC-2xETH series control RS-232 devices via an Ethernet or LAN connection

FC-21ETHFC-22ETH and FC-24ETH are members of the new Kramer family of high-performance, easy-to-use, bidirectional hardware and software interface systems. FC-2xETH products can enable control of RS-232 and/or RS-485 controllable machines via an Ethernet LAN.  These products give installers more.

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