New ATEN PresentON 4K Wireless Presentation Switches Empower Efficient BYOD Collaborations

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ATEN PresentON wireless BYOD solutions are perfectly suited for any corporate and education application

KVMGalore today announces the availability of two new 4K wireless presentation switches for BYOD (bring your own device) solutions from ATEN a leading provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions. These wireless BYOD solutions are perfectly suited for huddle spaces to large spaces and are flexible enough for any corporate and education application.

BYOD content sharing has become prevalent in hybrid meeting rooms and higher education environments. PresentON™ allows anyone to share BYOD presentation content wirelessly with ATEN software on PC, mobile app, and web browsers.

ATEN PresentON

ATEN PresentON VP2020 and VP2021 4K wireless presentation switches are designed to enable anyone, including visitors, to easily share content from any laptop or mobile device without limitation, so participants can actively collaborate for enhanced, efficient workflows. They feature a multi-view function, BYOD wireless sharing, audio out, USB touch back, and PoE connectivity.

ATEN PresentON VP2020 and VP2021 4K wireless presentation switches allow for control with a mobile app, and are compatible with Airplay and Google Cast, bringing people together to share ideas easily and get more from meetings.

In terms of the BYOD-oriented corporate workplace, workers need a place for quick discussion, brainstorming, and rapid sharing of presentations. ATEN's new wireless BYOD solutions get control on your side with USB touch back, allowing the speaker to take the lead in meetings with just a mouse or touchscreen and be more efficient without having to move about to access devices.

Wireless sharing for education is in high demand, and blended classrooms and learning have led to multiple displays being installed in classrooms to allow learners to study at their own pace, replacing the model where a teacher stands in front of the classroom and everyone learns at the same pace. However, ATEN PresentON standalone wireless presentation switches transform this situation, allowing for easily managing content shared with moderation mode, which allows the presenter to simply control and manage the content shared by other participants, including muting, stopping all sharing, and disconnecting a participant.

Furthermore, ATEN PresentON supports multi-view presentation so screen layouts can be configurable for presentation in full screen, side-by-side, and even quad view (VP2021). The 4K wireless presentation switch can integrate with a classroom's audio system to enhance the audio-visual experience with 3.5 mm audio output and eliminate complicated wiring, offering flexibility in space deployment and speedy installation with PoE connectivity.

PBL, or problem-based learning, calls for group discussion and sharing of presentations at the same time, thus ATEN VP2021 4K wireless presentation switch with quad view allows for quad-view presentations to increase workflows and efficiency, making it feasible for cross-departmental collaboration to rapidly focus on key points and cross-reference information for discussion.

ATEN PresentON

The unique features on the VP2020 and VP2021 include:

1. Muti-view function allows starting multi-party collaboration instantly

2. A BYOD presentation switch with wireless presentation capability

3. Allow for control with mobile app: compatible with Airplay and Google Cast

4. USB touch back - allows for seamless operation of a presentation directly from a connected touchscreen or mouse

5. Moderation Mode - the moderator can manage and control team members' connection status and the AV content being displayed

6. 3.5 mm audio output enhances the audio-visual experience

7. Power over Ethernet eliminates complicated wiring

8. Quad-view sharing in a snap*

9. Collaboration tools - Screen capture, annotation, whiteboard on screen*

10. Remote view on ATEN Presentation App lets remote participants view presentations from their own screen*

Click here for more information about the ATEN PresentON

* Only for VP2021

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