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Multiview KVM switch9- and 16-port HDMI multiview KVM switches display all videos on one split-screen

New HDMV-9X Plus and HDMV-16X Plus HDMI multiview KVM switches (multiviewers) by Smart-AVI enable users to simultaneously view the video of up to sixteen computers on a single screen at high-resolutions HDMI 1080p, while managing multiple computers with a USB keyboard and mouse.

A split-screen multiview KVM switch controls multiple computers from one console while splitting the monitor into sections, then individually and simultaneously displaying video from connected computers on each section of the screen, with all videos showing on one screen.

A typical KVM switch allows a user to have just one console and to use it to control multiple computers. When the user wants to use computer "A" – the user uses the KVM switch to switch to it. Now the console is interacting with computer "A" only. Remaining connected computers are still working, but the user is not interacting with them.

When the user is done using computer "A" and now wants to use computer "B" – the user switches to it using the KVM switch. The console is now interacting with computer "B" only, while the rest of the connected computers continue to be working only without any human interaction.

This typical KVM switch displays only the video of the selected computer (the computer the user is controlling at any given time) on the screen.

But what if you must view the video of all connected computers on one screen at the same time?

A multiview KVM switch (AKA split-screen KVM switch; multiviewer KVM; combiner KVM) achieves this goal.

A multiview KVM switch features an option to split the console's screen into separate section where each section is displaying video coming from a different computer, either in a tile form or in an independent cascading windows. The multiview KVM switch accepts video from multiple computers, scales and sizes each picture, then outputs each video individually or as windows on the console's display. Each of the windows can be individually scaled and positioned on the screen as desired.

HDMV-9X Plus multiview KVM switchDepending on your needs, HDMV-9X Plus and HDMV-16X Plus HDMI multiview KVM switches offer several different on-screen display (OSD) options. With multiple computers connected, you need to be able to view all systems at the same time. When you need to have a larger view of a particular computer, then the console should support full-screen viewing. Similarly, HDMV-9X Plus and HDMV-16X Plus HDMI multiview KVM switches support viewing two selected computers (dual-mode); four selected computers (quad-mode); nine selected computers (9-mode) and sixteen computers (16-mode).

HDMV-9X Plus and HDMV-16X Plus HDMI multiview KVM switches support on-screen display (OSD) as the simplest method for switching between these settings. OSD is accessed from a front panel control of the high-definition multiviewers and programmable hot-keys.

HDMV-9X Plus and HDMV-16X Plus HDMI multiview KVM switches also support DVI-D input resolutions up to 1920x1200 with HDMI to DVI-D adapters; support EDID for total control of compliant displays and a variety of controlling methods including OSD, front panel buttons, hot key keyboard combinations, RS-232, with optional Ethernet control.

HDMV-9X Plus and HDMV-16X Plus HDMI multiview KVM switches are now available on

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