VP-773AMP scales video, embeds audio from 8 sources to 3 screens

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Kramer introduces VP-773AMP: the newest addition to its award winning ProScale™ Presentation Scaler/Switcher line

VP-773AMPKramer Electronics is pleased to introduce VP-773AMP, with eight (8) inputs, including four HDMI inputs, one DisplayPort (DP) input, one composite video input and two computer graphics video inputs. VP-773AMP scales the input signal, embeds the audio where applicable, and outputs the video signal simultaneously to two HDMI outputs and one HDBaseT twisted pair output. The audio output is simultaneously available on digital, unbalanced analog stereo and two 10 watt amplified speaker outputs.

VP-773AMP supports multiple output resolutions, up to 2K and including 1080p. The unit features Kramer's PixPerfect™ Scaling Technology - Kramer's precision pixel mapping and high-quality scaling technology which results in superior image quality.

VP-773AMP has a built-in ProcAmp, with which color, sharpness, contrast, brightness and gamma can be set individually for each input. The unit also has a built-in time base corrector to stabilize any unstable video sources. VP-773AMP is exactly the same as Kramer's standard VP-773 but with the addition of a built-in power amplifier.

VP-773AMP advanced feature set also includes:

  • Kramer's K-IIT XL™ Picture-in-Picture Image Insertion technology - any video source can be inserted into or positioned next to a computer graphics video source or vice versa. Using this technology, both images can be sized in any manner and positioned anywhere on the screen.
  • Luma Keying technology - an easy-to-use method of compositing two video sources into a single image. By setting up a "key" image or clip on a black background, this image can be merged onto the primary video.
  • Emergency Alert Notification - an incredibly unique and extremely important feature that provides the ability to have a national or campus-wide notification immediately displayed when an emergency situation develops. Notifications include flexible options such as the inclusion of an audio alert siren, and the choice of displaying via either a text crawler or a text window and the system utilizes the industry standard Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) to ensure compatibility into existing systems.
  • Full Web page Management - an easy-to-use, built-in web server, which is activated when connected through Ethernet, allowing simplified setup and switching, windows customization, scaling and deinterlacing functions, and more.

VP-773AMP also includes powerful audio DSP functions, and a microphone input that supports mix and talk-over features, as well as 0-90msec adjustable delay to prevent feedback. The unit offers flexible control options through its front panel buttons with OSD (on-screen display), contact closure capability, IR remote interface and the included Control Application software, which is available for use via the unit’s Ethernet and RS-232 control ports.

VP-773AMP is housed in a standard 19" 1U rack-mountable enclosure, with rack "ears" included.

VP-773AMP scaler/switcher is ideal for homes, boardrooms, hotels, churches, lecture theaters and training rooms, as well as more complex installations.

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