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    Virtual Media allows a server to access storage media such as CD-ROMs, flash memory and external drives anywhere on the network–just as if they were directly attached to that server's USB port.  This allows technicians to quickly and easily move and copy data between the storage media and the computer.  They can install application and OS patches, download files and perform diagnostic testing on multiple servers without ever physically entering the data center or leaving their desks.  They can even work from home or on the road. Everything they are able to do on-site, can be done securely from any remote location.


    When combined with KVM IP technology that gives out-of-band BIOS level access and control, Virtual Media enables remote operators to now repair target computer operating system problems - the final step to a full remote presence solution.

    Virtual Media can be provisioned locally or remotely.  With local Virtual Media, the server and the storage media are attached to the same KVM switch, so data transfers occur out-of-band through the switch.  With remote Virtual Media (most common and most beneficial), the storage media can be attached to any Virtual Media-enabled desktop anywhere on the network.  In these cases, data moves over the network from the enabled desktop to the KVM switch and then via the USB port from the switch to the server.

    Unlike conventional network attached storage (NAS), Virtual Media allows technicians to take advantage of the convenience of removable media to work wherever and whenever needed. As long as they have a CD with whatever files they need on hand–whether it's diagnostic tools, a clean system image or a set of current patches–they can manage any server with a USB connection to a KVM switch.

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    Data Center Managers
    Virtual Media is a very useful tool for commercial IT data center managers who need to manage large numbers of computers and servers.  The Virtual Media tool creates server room efficiency by multiplying the power and reach of each server room technician, allowing them to maintain more servers and fix more problems without having to move from their desks. Technicians can also access, control and repair their servers from outside the office or even while on the road.

    Remote Support Providers
    Virtual Media is the ideal tool for help desks, managed service providers and technical support call-centers that offer remote computer support.  With Virtual Media capability complementing a KVM IP gateway or switch, operators can now not only view and troubleshoot a remote computer, but also repair, maintain and upgrade on the spot rather than rolling out a field technician to the customer's site.  This means higher customer satisfaction, and the elimination of mission-critical computer downtime.

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    By allowing servers to access storage media anywhere on the network, as if it were directly connected to their USB ports, Virtual Media yields a variety of important, practical benefits. These include:

    Improved Management

    Virtual Media improves business continuity and enhances service levels, because technicians can immediately solve problems wherever they are.

    • With Virtual Media, IT skills and expertise can be more effectively leveraged across the entire enterprise.

    • By streamlining remote management, Virtual Media reduces operational costs, improves administrator-to-server ratios and frees technicians to spend more of their time on higher value tasks.

    • The anywhere/anytime management enabled by Virtual Media eliminates "truck rolls"–reducing the costs and lost productivity associated with travel.

    Improved Security

    Virtual Media reduces traffic in the server room, lowering the risk of intentional and accidental damage to servers.

    • By eliminating the need to bring removable media into the server room, Virtual Media helps protect critical servers from unsafe and/or infected programs–while also reducing exposure to data theft.

    • Tighter control over physical access to the server room facilitates compliance with security best practices mandated by regulatory requirements.

    Improved Working Environment

    Virtual Media allows technicians to take care of routine maintenance and address server problems without getting up from their desks–so they can stay focused on strategic projects.

    • With Virtual Media, technicians can easily work from home or the road, enabling them to avoid inconveniences such as late hours in the office or an extra commute on the weekends.

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    To ensure non-stop delivery of essential business services to users across and beyond the enterprise, IT data centers require constant, diligent management.  There are two reasons, however, why it is not wise to have technicians constantly going in and out of the data center to perform these daily management tasks.  First, over-reliance on the physical presence of technicians in the data center is slow and inefficient.  Every time someone gets up from his or her desk to install a patch or run some diagnostics, valuable time is lost–time that could be spent taking care of other important tasks. Second, foot traffic through the data center is never a good thing.  When too many people spend too much time around critical systems, it greatly increases exposure to both malicious and inadvertent security risks.

    Virtual Media addresses these twin issues of operational efficiency and security by allowing servers to access CD-ROMs and other storage media anywhere across the enterprise, just as if they were directly attached via the server's USB port.  It thus empowers technicians to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently, without compromising the physical security of the data center.

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