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No power required!

Kanex MHL HDMISmartphones have a lot of functionality such as taking photos, watching videos, playing games and even editing documents.  Have you thought about what you can do on your phone but viewing it on a bigger screen such as an HDTV?  This can come in handy for teens and households that don’t have cable boxes in all the rooms in the house.  Teens can connect their phones to the TV in their rooms and watch TV, play games or access the internet but view it on a bigger TV screen.  This is possible with an MHL Adapter.


MHL enables you to watch a video, view pictures, play a game, or do just about anything on your mobile device and view it on your 1080p HDTV with no loss in picture or sound quality.

An MHL HDMI Adapter utilizes the phone's existing micro USB port to create an HDMI interface to connect it to an HDTV while simultaneously charging it.  Once connected users can mirror their phone or tablet connect to the HDTV. While in MHL mode users can also receive phone calls, email and other activities while in use.

Simple Installation

  • Simply connect an HDMI cable into the Kanex MHL Adapter and then connect the other end to the HDMI port on your HDTV.
  • Lastly connect your MHL adapter to your mobile device’s micro USB port.  Start viewing!


The MHL adapter works with many smartphones and tablets including HTC One, Galaxy and many others.  You can see all the compatible devices on the MHL website:

Learn more about Kanex MHL adapters.

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