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VIA meetingA typical meeting versus a VIA meeting

Most people hate meetings, and you can't really blame them. Often there's not a lot of work getting done at meetings. VIA meeting is designed to bridge a major meeting gap in boardrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms around the world.

Here's how VIA makes a difference:


The scene: A conference room with 12 people gathered around the table. 



The Usual

VIA Meeting

Some are looking at their phones, some at their watches, some are doodling.

The presenter is looking for a cable to hook up his laptop.

Everyone waits.

Someone has to get up and move so the cable can be connected.

When the presenter finishes, he unhooks his laptop and another attendee gets up with another cable to connect.

People wait some more.

The room is meeting-ready.

VIA wireless connectionEveryone's devices light up wirelessly. So you're starting to save time the moment you sit down.

The presenter and two others put their screens up for everyone to see.

You're ready to go and so is everyone else.

Instructions are given for tasks to be done after the meeting.

"Send me this. Figure that out and let me know."

Sometimes when you leave a meeting, you're just starting your work.

Work gets done right then and there.

VIA engageThe annotated documents are shared with all participants.

Time is never wasted, and everyone leaves the meeting with the completed work document.

People check email on their phones.

Some of the people who are supposed to be "in" the meeting are only "at" the meeting and are too bored to focus.

VIA collaborateEveryone is involved and interactive.

No one is left out of what's going on.


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