Troubleshooting your electronics: When to seek help from a professional

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So you purchased the new LCD Console of your dreams from

You waited patiently while you watched the tracking info update online. Finally, it arrives at your door! You rip open the box, and immediately begin setting it up. You follow the directions, hit the power button, and … nothing happens?

tech solutions

Even the most experienced tech user will find themselves in this situation occasionally. The question is, when can you get by on your own and when should you seek professional help?

Consider these four questions to help you decide.

  1. Have I successfully installed or used this device before? It can be very challenging to troubleshoot an item that you aren’t 100% familiar with. Even a newer version of an item you’re comfortable with can have substantial and potentially confusing changes. If you are very unfamiliar with your purchased item, it may be wise to seek outside assistance.
  2. Have I exhausted all the obvious fixes and read all the included material and guides? Sometimes the answers can be hidden in plain sight, and can be overlooked in the joyous rush of setting up a new device we’ve been eagerly awaiting. Since hiring a professional is a serious step, make sure you’ve been diligent about checking all available resources included with your purchase. If you aren’t interested in looking through many pages of detailed material, it may be easier to seek help from a professional.
  3. Do I have the time to spend on trial-and-error fixes? How soon do I need my device working? The internet is a terrific source of answers to many troubleshooting questions, but there is a significant investment of time and effort involved in trying each one. Additionally, not all internet sources are reliable. We recommend checking the KVMGalore Forums for prompt and reputable advice. In the forums, you will find answers to questions about technology from bluetooth devices to HDTV solutions.
  4. Am I willing to pay someone to fix my item correctly? Professionals don’t work for free, and it’s important to remember that qualified help may not be inexpensive. Some may be available for same day service, or in your home; others may have a wait for their service or require travel to a storefront location.

Remember, seeking professional help doesn’t say anything about your capabilities as an educated user. A professional can actually increase your knowledge base by explaining where you went wrong, or determining conclusively if there may be an issue with the item itself.

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