The Multi-View Management Control Center: What you need to know

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The mission of KVMGalore is to provide simple solutions to complex tech problems. KVMGalore’s Multi-View Management Control Center is a prime example of a complex problem made easy through technology. For those working in industries such as air traffic control, production, and automation, the ability to manage multiple computers with a single screen is a crucial element of effectiveness. Previously, doing so was a technically clunky and visually unappealing feat. With the KVMGalore Multi-View Management Control Center, managing a variety of computers from one screen is remarkably simple.


CM1164 Multi-View Management Control Center: An Overview

Our Multi-View Management Control Center is a multi-view DVI KVM switch with PiP and full screen viewing modes for up to four computers on one monitor. The Management Control Center also offers audio support and USB peripheral sharing. Put simply, the multi-view control center gives users the ability to manage and view up to four computers on one screen by using a single keyboard, mouse, and DVI monitor.

Key Features of the CM1164 Multi-View Control Center:

  • Allows its users to access up to four computers from a single console, with video from all computers concurrently showing on one screen. Its USB hub allows each computer to share access to connected peripherals. Its independent switching feature allows the KVM focus to be on one computer while the USB peripheral focus is on a separate computer. This eliminates any need to purchase additional USB hubs.
  • Daisy Chain Control (DCC) Port: Gives users the ability to connect and control up to four CM1164 units from a single console and to view these computers on a single screen. By chaining up to four units, you have the capabilities to manage and switch between up to 16 computers and video sources.
  • Direct Keyboard Input: Since the CM1164 incepts keyboard input directly, the control center will work on Microsoft, Linux, Sun, and Mac platforms.

Advantages of the Multi-View Control Center:

  • Ease of setup: The fact that all computers are controlled from a single console makes setup and installation simple and fast. There is no software to install or compatibility problems to worry about. Simply plug in the needed cables and get started.
  • Style and Functionality: The single console fits into any control center without getting in the way of other operating systems.

Call KVMGalore today (1-800-636-3434) to learn more about the Multi-View Management Control Center. Our HelpCenter is standing by to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in choosing the right console for your company.

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