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Every new technology seems to come with its own specialized vocabulary. Sometimes it's a new acronym, like UTP (unshielded twisted pair, cancels out electromagnetic interference from outside sources). Other times it's a familiar term used in a new way, like Console (set of peripherals OR developer tab in some web browsers).

No matter how experienced a user may be, there will always be terms that are unclear. If a user is still learning about the various functions and features of a new audio-video device purchase, then there will certainly be some unfamiliar words. This is where the KVMGalore Glossary is so useful.

As consumers browse through items on KVMGalore, they may encounter a new acronym. Or perhaps, it's one they've heard before, but never knew what it stood for, or how it might be used in this context.  The KVMGalore Glossary function allows users to quickly look up terms, phrases, and acronyms to educate themselves further and clarify the benefits of each product.

For example, if a consumer is on the KVMGalore site, and interested in learning more about Video walls, they might click on MXWall. As they read through the features and options each item offers, they come across the term "RS-232". It's being used in a sentence about networking and Ethernet hardware capabilities, but the user may not be sure what RS-232 is, or how it may benefit them. Using the KVMGalore Glossary, the user looks up "RS-232", and there it is!


[Also known as RS232] - Recommended Standard 232. This is the de facto standard for communication through PC serial ports. It can refer to cables and ports that support the RS-232 standard.

Now the consumer understands the acronym RS to mean Recommended Standard, and in the future, if they come across any term starting with RS, they will have a good idea of what it probably stands for. The consumer also learns that RS-232 refers to cables or PC serial ports, so the context becomes clearer as well.

The KVM Glossary provides all this information, at the user's fingertips, with no paywall for access. Even if a consumer doesn't purchase their MXWall today, they leave better informed about their future purchase. And informed consumers know that KVMGalore is the best source for Tech Solutions Made Easy.

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