Sylphit-Duo – constant server monitoring with no aisle protrusion

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Sylphit-Duo rack-mount KVM console drawer is the network administrator's tool of choice when working in space-restricted server farms, crowded industrial and factory environments, and facilities where it isn't convenient or cost-effective to install a full-sized console to interface with a multi-server rack.

Dual-Rail - Dual Functionality

Sylphit-Duo features a separate slide-out drawer for the keyboard and mouse, allowing to have the display folded up an visible while the keyboard/mouse is "tucked in", occupying virtually no aisle space in front of the rack. Pull out the (lower) keyboard/mouse drawer, and the display drawer slides out open with it. Pull out the display drawer, and the keyboard/mouse drawer remains in place.


Only 1 Rack-Space, Even with Visible Screen

The Using only 1U of EIA rack space (1.75" high), Sylphit-Duo KVM console drawer is designed for space-saving 19-inch rack-mount applications that require little keyboard/mouse interaction, allowing flush-with-the-rack video monitoring without protruding out of the rack, or even when the rack's front door is closed. 


Sylphit-Duo is now available supporting any mix of USB and PS/2 servers, with single-port, 8-port or 16-port models.


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