Structured presentation leads you to find your solution, step-by-step

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Zeroing in on your desired solution, KVMGalore presents you with product information in three levels:

Product-Line Page (Cubes)

Once you click on a clickable menu-item (see menus), you are presented with the product-line page - cubes of product-families, all pertaining to the selected product-line.

Product-Line Page
Product-Line Page

Each cube provides a brief description of the products in it, a representative product-image along with the manufacturer's logo. The starting price in the product-family (that pertains to the selected product-line) is also displayed for your convenience.

Click the View button (or the product-family name, or the product-family image) and you are presented with the family page.

Family Page

The family page presents a list of all products in the product-family that match the clicked menu-item (product-line), providing a more-elaborate description of the products in the product-family, along with a larger image.

Each product listings shows a product image, model number and price.

Family Page
Family Page

Click the product's name (or image, or price) to bring up the product page and learn about the product in greater detail, including blow-up images, product specifications, related items and more (see product presentation).


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