Sophisticated filtering interface allows customers to find what they need

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Filtering with KVMGfilter

A first in the industry, KVMGalore's new filtering system allows you to find exactly what you're looking for

(instead of looking up something you've already found)

KVMGalore is proud to announce KVMGFilter: the implementation of an industry-first dynamic filtering system that – for the first time – allows customers to actually find a product based on a list of attributes and features.

Understanding that a search function only allows you to look up a solution you've already found - rather than to find the solution you need - KVMGalore experts got to work on implementing a filtering interface, kind of like the ones we're all familiar with on some of our favorite shoe and apparel websites.

KVMGFilter: KVMGalore's new Refine your search interface presents you with much-needed filtering options tailored to the product you're looking for. Add the features and attributes you need your product to supports, and you are instantly presented with results that match your selection.

"The complexity of our wide-range product offering, however, posed a huge challenge in creating KVMGFilter", said Daniel Schar, President and CEO of KVMGalore. "For instance, KVM switches have a very different feature-set than video switches. The same applies to KVM extenders versus video extenders. Add digital signage, environmental monitors, power distribution and video-wall products to the mix, and the result is a massive array of defining parameters which are unique to each product line."

No automatic algorithm could have accomplished this. KVMGFilter was painstakingly created - product by product - by humans, for humans, as each product line has its own feature-set, and the product lines we carry become more feature-rich with every new model.

KVMGFilter helps you find your product based on a list of attributes and features that specifically pertains to your searched product-line. It is comprehensive, dynamic and sophisticated, allowing you not only to mark the features you're looking for, but also to exclude the ones you don't want – a first in any online filtering system!

In our pursuit of making tech solutions easy to find, KVMGFilter is an ongoing endeavor for us. When a new feature is introduced to a product-line, you can rest assured KVMGalore experts are going to make it available for you to filter by, using KVMGFilter.

Recognize a product-feature that isn't showing on KVMGFilter? Let us know and we'll add it!

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