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Smart Security LabsSmart Security Labs, a new partnership between Smart-AVI and High Sec Labs has released the very best in protected KVM switches and mulitviewers available on the market

KVM communications have quickly become a primary target for hackers looking to break into isolated networks through computers of different security levels. Increased security concerns in a wide variety of markets, namely government and defense applications, have created a serious need for secure KVM products.

To develop and distribute the most secure KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) products available, US-based Smart-AVI and the Israeli-based High Sec Labs (HSL) have combined forces to create Smart Security Labs. With decades of experience in the KVM market, Smart Security Labs is poised to take the lead with a new series of KVM switches and KM (Keyboard/Mouse) switches that provide protection against every known KVM attack.

Smart Security Labs partnership has taken a leadership role in the industry to fulfill this need for systems architects and end users alike. With EAL4+ certification, users know they are protected from hackers.

The new line of secure KVM products from Smart Security Labs delivers solutions to those vulnerabilities, giving users the capability to connect top-secret networks with unclassified networks and even computers connected to the Internet, all while maintaining secure isolation.

Products in this new line can connect between two and 16 computers, with support for single or multiple displays and multiviewing capabilities. Features include always-on anti-tampering capabilities, unidirectional optical data diodes, anti-tampering holographic labels and the highest security compliances available, making Smart Security Labs' secure KVM line a reliable and trustworthy solution for all mission-critical environments.

Smart Security Labs is dedicated to a complete start-to-finish process specifically targeted toward government applications. It starts with intensive research and development, quality-controlled manufacturing, rigorous testing and responsive support, all of which meet the exacting demands required in government and defense settings.

"We are very pleased to partner with High Sec Labs and their CEO Aviv Sofer, who is an absolute leader in this industry" said Albert Cohen, CEO of Smart-AVI. "The line of products we now offer unquestionably delivers the highest security levels for KVM connectivity on the market."

First to market - Smart Security Labs Secure KM Switches - are available from KVMGalore.

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