New StreamLIVE all-in-one multi-channel AV mixers

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StreamLIVE video production solutions make pro-level streaming easier and streamlined

KVMGalore today announced the availability of two new StreamLIVE - all-in-one multi-channel AV mixers from ATEN.


StreamLIVE HD, and the more advanced StreamLIVE PRO, allow users to capture, stream and switch* between two full HD video inputs over the Internet, creating a professional, dynamic multi-camera production that instantly takes video production to the next level.

StreamLIVE products are ideal for commercial product promotion, conferences and meetings, lectures and seminars and individual live event broadcasting.

StreamLIVE products offer users a simple, all-in-one AV mixer, packed with direct streaming, direct recording and scene-based switching capabilities. They are optimized for easy operation and uses the ATEN OnAir™ app to turn an iPad into a touch interface for controlling, preview monitoring, real-time editing and arranging multi-elements into program mixing, thus reducing the complexity of a user's live-streaming setup, equipment and cabling.

New to StreamLIVE PRO, OnAir Pro app includes powerful DVE (Digital Video Effects) and a built-in graphic editor to make a user's iPad a perfect personal video editing suite. Users can freely combine, crop and scale video to make professional PnP, PbP or split layouts and add transparent PNG images and backgrounds from their iPad's photo library, as well as create title overlays with professional-looking effects in seconds. Everything can be done easily and in real-time for great production, even during filming.

"Due to the current climate, the requirement for live-streaming has grown considerably as the majority of the world has acclimated to remote learning and working. In addition to the entertainment and gaming industry, the education industry has started to depend on enhanced distance-learning efforts with the use of live-streaming technologies," said Daniel Schar, President and CEO of KVMGalore. "UC9040 StreamLIVE PRO multi-channel AV mixer is remarkably suitable for remote teaching scenarios where teachers can either livestream or record lessons for future use, as well as for all the other industries that rely on direct streaming, direct recording, and scene-based switching capability."

StreamLIVE key features include:

  • Simplifies streaming workflow – Integrates 1080p video capture, video recorder, video switch, streaming encoder, video converter, video splitter and audio mixer, all-in-one.
  • Go live, anywhere – compatible with every major platform and can livestream to two platforms at the same time – Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Livestream or any custom RTMP destination, all in high-quality full HD.
  • Plug and play – no computer, monitor or complicated setups or software settings necessary.
  • Easy connect – built-in encoder and streaming server means users only need to connect to their video sources and network.
  • Control and streaming in one – both control and stream functions are built-in.
  • No more post-production – ATEN OnAir app turns a user's iPad into a personal video editing suite.
  • Design and present up to eight custom scenes with the intuitive touchscreen and custom scene editor.
  • Transitions in stunning DVE, PbP or PiP visual effects.
  • Add transparent PNG images, backgrounds and text overlay with professional-looking effects.

ATEN OnAir app is available on the App Store:

* Available with UC9020 StreamLIVE PRO model

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