New KVMGQuote significantly shortens the purchasing cycle

Posted on January 27, 2021 by KVMGalore   |  0 comments

KVMGalore today announced its new and much-improved implementation of its innovative KVMGQuote

Generate a Quote with KVMGQuote

KVMGQuote is a quoting system that significantly shortens the purchasing cycle for businesses in need of critical IT and AV hardware while simplifying the process.

No more RFQs! With KVMGQuote you don't need to call a KVMGalore sales person in order to obtain an official quote.

With KVMGQuote you also don't need to wait for an official KVMGalore quote to arrive via email.

KVMGQuote allows you to generate an official KVMGalore quote right on your computer:

  • It is immediate
  • It is current
  • It gets saved in your KVMGalore account
  • It gets assigned a uniquely identifiable number
  • You can print it and hand it over to your purchasing department
  • You can view it again anytime
  • You can edit and update it anytime
  • You can add estimated shipping cost to your quote anytime
  • You can convert your quote to an online order anytime

Click here to learn more about how you can instantly generate a quote on


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