New ADDERLink XD600 KVM extender series brings advanced MST functionality for real-time connectivity and superior control

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ADDERLink XD600 point-to-point DisplayPort KVM extenders support single, dual or quad-head connectivity, USB peripheral extension, CATx or fiber link, MST functionality and ultra-low latency

  • Single, dual and quad-head connectivity deliver choice and flexibility
  • Multi-Stream Transport (MST) enables increased monitor connectivity
  • Video resolution support up to 4K/60
  • Compatible with fiber or copper connectivity


KVMGalore today announced the availability of a new series of point-to-point DisplayPort KVM extenders from Adder Technology, further strengthening its proven and trusted extender offering. With an unrivalled feature set, the new ADDERLink™ XD600 series is the ideal solution for anyone looking to extend computer signals and take real-time control of their critical PCs and applications housed securely in remote or rarely-accessed locations.

ADDERLink XD600 series comprises the XD614, XD641 and XD642 models which are designed to meet the needs of any modern control room. With features such as single, dual and quad-head connectivity, emulated USB, copper and fiber support, MST functionality, visually lossless 4K/60 video and ultra-low latency, users can choose the right model to provide a true 'at the PC' experience based on their requirements.

Claude van Hemelryck, operational technology manager, at Sibelga, the only distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas in the Brussels Capital Region of Belgium, said, "The critical nature of our business means reliability and instant control must be a given when choosing a KVM solution. For years, we have used Adder's solutions as essential components of our advanced distribution management system (ADMS) to pilot electricity and gas distribution networks. However, as we migrate to higher video resolutions and multi-screen desktops it is great to see that, once again, Adder is in tune with its customers and innovating new technology that brings real features and benefits. We can't wait to see what the new ADDERLink XD600 series can do for us."

Neil Hillier, senior VP global sales and marketing, Adder Technology, commented, "Over the years we have seen the KVM extender market become saturated with poor quality, mass market products which have made it difficult for many organizations to find a reliable and resilient solution to meet their needs. We are incredibly excited to launch a purpose-built extender that combines the functionality of a high performance KVM matrix with the simplicity of a point-to-point KVM extender. A product range that will continue to deliver the right results, time and time again. Our extenders are trusted by thousands of organizations around the world to reliably connect millions of users with their critical PCs. The new models in the ADDERLink XD600 series will provide our customers with even more choice and flexibility to meet their needs now, and in the future."

The new ADDERLink XD600 series consists of:

  • ADDERLink XD614: a state-of-the-art quad-head KVM extender utilizing inbuilt DisplayPort™ MST technology and HD resolution support to deliver maximum flexibility and control
  • ADDERLink XD641: a powerful single-head KVM extender designed to deliver 4K/60 KVM extension over a copper or fiber link
  • ADDERLink XD642: an innovative dual-head 4K/60 KVM extender with emulated full and hi-speed USB 2.0 and support for multiple audio types.

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