Modular Matrix for HDMI routes HD sources to remote displays

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Gefen's New High Definition Fast Switching Technology (HDFST) Modular Matrix for HDMI Supports HDCP and Includes Built-In Extenders


Modular Matrix For HDMI


KVMGalore today introduced Gefen's newest modular matrix card frame with built-in signal extension: the 32x32 (and 16x16) HDFST (High Definition Fast Switching Technology) Modular Matrix for HDMI w/HDCP.

This new Modular Matrix for HDMI supports up to 32 high definition sources and 32 displays using HDMI.  Each source can be integrated and cross-point routed in any configuration.  The modular approach offers HDMI extension over CAT-5 cable using Gefen ELR (Extra Long Range) technology based on HDBaseT for added flexibility.

The GefenPRO 32x32 HDFST Modular Matrix for HDMI w/HDCP routes any 32 sources to any 32 displays in an HDMI in/out configuration.  A second configuration allows for HDMI in with HDBaseT out for displays located anywhere within a 330-foot (100m) distance of the matrix frame.  Users can tailor their outputs to enable different configurations.  The 8x HDMI output board connects to eight displays using standard HDMI cable.  The 8x ELR (Extra Long Range) output board extends HDMI and bi-directional IR to a small receiver unit using one CAT-5 cable per display.  Modular Matrix for HDMI can accommodate any combination of output boards to achieve the desired infrastructure for both local and/or extended outputs.

Gefen-Modular-HDMI-Matrix-HandsThe 32x32 HDFST Modular Matrix for HDMI w/HDCP can use two 8x ELR boards and two 8x HDMI outputs in the same frame.  This provides an adaptable method of tailoring the matrix for each unique environment so you can save some money on cable costs if some of the displays can be placed near the source.  Modular Matrix for HDMI offers additional flexibility if some of the displays need to be placed far away.

Gefen's PoL (Power over Line) technology eliminates the need to power the receiver units, which obtain their power from the matrix.  High definition resolutions up to 1080p are supported with full HDCP compliance.

Gefen FST is included with Modular Matrix for HDMI, improving the HDCP authentication speed.  The front panel LCD displays all routing information and menu options.  HDMI features including 3DTV pass-through and multi-channel audio formats are all supported.  EDID management settings are included to ensure a stable connection even when powering on/off individual displays.

Users control this rack mountable Modular Matrix for HDMI using front panel buttons, IR remote, the RS-232 interface or by IP using the web server, Telnet and UDP options.  Dual, redundant power supplies offer added security for a reliable performance.  As a GefenPRO product, this matrix comes with 24/7 support.



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