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If you are an iPad user – you know storage is very important to you.  Every time you take a photo or record a video – those Gigabits (GB) start to decrease.  Or if you download books, movies or music - space becomes even more scarce.  And, yes, those apps – that is what made you get an iPad in the first place, right?

Well, KVMGalore has a solution for you that will extend your storage and enable you to do even more with your iPad or even iPhone.  We just introduced Kanex meDrive.  It's a file server for iOS devices and for your Mac or PC as well, and it creates your own local private cloud.  meDrive turns any USB storage – flash drive/memory stick, or any other USB external drives into a network drive so everyone connected on the network can access, share and store files.

KanexWhat makes it even more special is that it has built-in WebDAV and Bonjour support which enables iOS devices to easily connect to the drive and read/write, access and share Apple iWork files such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.  meDrive basically becomes your WebDAV server for your iPad.  And because it's connected to a network, any other devices can connect, share and access files on the drive including OS X and Windows.

Here is a video that gives you more info on meDrive, how to set it up as well as some features that meDrive app provides.

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