KVMGFilter – a whole new way to refine your search

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KVMGFilter - KVMGalore's new filtering interface allows you to find exactly what you're looking for

KVMGfilter(instead of just looking-up a solution you've already found)

As our product-offering grew over the years, searching and finding a product on KVMGalore.com that suits ones needs and requirements became increasingly difficult.

Using Search has always been tricky at best, and unless one used a precise search term, one were likely to either get a result-set that was too broad, or no results at all.

Our multi-layer menu system was intended to overcome these Search shortcomings, but with over 13,000 products organized in 250 defining categories, this solution was still quite inefficient in handling the volume.

So, if you knew specifically what you were looking for (e.g. part number or product-name), then sure, you could look it up and easily find it via Search. If you didn't, you'd need to call us for free consultation, or post your question on our HelpCenter.

We love to hear from you via phone or on HelpCenter! But sometimes you just want to find a solution online based on your requirements without the extra fuss.

Now you can, with the introduction of KVMGFilter.


Looking for a KVM over IP switch?

With 16 ports?

That supports HDMI and DisplayPort video?

At 1080p resolution?

Supporting 4 concurrent users?


KVMGFilter - our 'Refine your Search' interface - presents you with much-needed filtering options tailored to the products you're looking for. Make a selection and you are instantly presented with results that match your selection.



Our filtering system was painstakingly created - product by product - by humans, for humans, as each product line has its own feature-set, and the product lines we carry become more feature-rich with every new model. KVMGFilter helps you find your product based on a long list of attributes and features. So when a new feature is introduced you can rest assured the KVMGalore experts are going to make it available for you to locate via KVMGFilter.


Once you make your selection, KVMGFilter changes to present you only with the filter-options that are compatible with your result-set.


We took KVMGFilter one step further by allowing you to exclude options from your search.

Using the example above: most KVM over IP switches are multi-user switches. If you're looking for a single-user KVM over IP switch, simply exclude the Multi-User feature and voila - your result-set will only show single-user KVM over IP switches.


We are proud to offer you the first comprehensive filter in the industry, and currently the only effective one!

Hey - we are experts. This is what we do! 🙂

Need help? Call KVMGalore at 1-800-636-3434 or submit your question.

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