KVMGCompare – A Comprehensive and User-Friendly Product-Comparison Tool Like No Other!

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KVMGCompare – A Sophisticated Comparison Tool that Allows You to Compare Product Features and See the Difference between Them, with Built-In Intelligence and User-Friendly Guidance

Finally, the comparison tool users were asking for is available for expert, in-depth comparison of KVM, audio/video, digital signage, rack, and power products, only on KVMGalore.

Meticulously developed and just recently launched, KVMGCompare is a one-of-a-kind comparison tool that capitalizes on KVMGalore's technology and expertise. KVMGCompare provides users with the ability to perform an extensive, sophisticated and dynamic product-comparison with built-in guidance across thousands of products all over KVMGalore.com Web site, while presenting both similar and different specifications, attributes and features of compared products.

While our KVMGFilter allows users to narrow down their search based on dynamically-pertinent attributes and features, oftentimes users are still presented with many qualified choices, and it's hard to zero-in on the right product without being able to compare between them.

On the flip side, once a user is focused on a product of interest, he/she still may not be sure what other products it should be compared to. Here too, KVMGCompare comes to the rescue and provides guidance, presenting products for comparison of the same family (and brand), or even more so - presenting cross-brand products of the same type (category) for potential comparison.

At KVMGalore, we believe sharing our expert knowledge empowers our customers to make the right product choices for their technology needs. KVMGalore offers a slew of tools and services to facilitate this philosophy, of which KVMGCompare is the latest component:
- Glossary of technical terms
- HelpCenter
- Knowledge Base
- KVMGFilter


KVMGCompare Key Features

Sophisticated ComparisonsKVMGCompare only compares apples to apples – products of the same type, so that a 'KVM over IP switch', for example, cannot be compared with, say, a 'Video Cable'. The first item users select for comparison determines the type of products that can be compared.

Built-in Guidance – Not sure which products are similar and should be compared? KVMGCompare guides users to compare products within a product-family of the same brand, or even cross-brand products of the same category.

Dynamic Comparisons – The specifications, attributes and features that are being compared vary based on the type of product being compared (e.g. comparing 'KVM LCD Consoles' will compare screen size, but comparing 'KVM switches' will not).

Show Differences; Show Similarities – Many models of the same product-type - even those made by different manufacturers - still share the majority of specifications and features. But when users are interested in finding out what are the differences between compared products, clicking the "Hide Similar" button presents only the differences between the compared products.

AvailabilityKVMGCompare can be used with thousands of products on KVMGalore.com. The 'Compare' checkbox can be found anywhere on the site where products are listed
• A category page (in List View)
• A product-family page
• A search-result page
• Even a single product-page

One-of-a-kind – Not only KVMGCompare is the first comparison tool in the industry, being that we are experts, no where else will users find such a knowledgeable and thorough comparison tool that provides detailed information about the real differences between similar models' specifications, attributes and features.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback. Click here to share your thoughts with us, or click here if you have any suggestions you'd like to share with us.

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