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Strengthening its presence in north America, kvm-tec teamed up with KVMGalore to offer its sophisticated line of KVM over IP products in the USA and Canada

KVMGalore is proud to announce the addition of kvm-tec's KVM over IP products to its growing catalog of KVM and AV over IP solutions.

kvm-tecSpecializing in the development and manufacturing of 4K point to point connection and matrix switching systems, kvm-tec – a leading European KVM over IP provider headquartered in Austria since 1978 – has over the years provided its customers with innovations such as high-resolution ergonomic graphic terminals, monitors for the Lufthansa pilot training center, DTP monitors, Graphic terminals for process visualization in use at AVL and in engine development at BMW, True Color high-performance PECAD graphic cards for Windows, CAD and 3D with ergonomic zoom functions.

In today's competitive international market, exceptional performance is the key to their success. They excel on all fronts, from price/performance, to product reliability, to delivery and support; at kvm-tec everything works perfectly.

"In an effort to broaden our offering and expose our customers to more innovative solutions, introducing kvm-tec to KVMGalore customers became a priority for us", said Daniel Schar, President and CEO of KVMGalore. "kvm-tec's products make it possible for us to offer KVM and AV over IP solutions with unique feature-sets not otherwise available to U.S. customers", he added.

kvm-tec's aim is the 100% satisfied customer. Therefore they only focus on their core competency - product development and know how. Production is outsourced to competent partners with modern manufacturing facilities. This allows them to offer you the best quality on the market at the best possible prices.

What began as one extender has blossomed into a wide product range. kvm-tec products are in use worldwide and they are chosen as a partner by companies with the highest quality standards in the range of industries, automation and medical engineering.

Administrators with questions are encouraged to contact KVMGalore at 1-800-636-3434 and speak with their knowledgeable experts, or post their question regarding kvm-tec's product line on KVMGalore's HelpCenter.

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About kvm-tec

Kvm-tec is a leading manufacture / designer of video over IP and 4K KVM extenders and matrix switching systems. They call their technology "It's not only a solution but a 4K revolution".

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