NEW kvm-tec technical support working hours!

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At kvm-tec we are proud to say, we offer first level support to all our customers. Whether you are a new customer or a past customer from 10 years ago, we treat all customers with the highest priority. When we changed our technical support hours, we kept the end user in mind and the sense of urgency our customers have when needing technical support.

kvm-tec support times

What makes kvm-tec technical support different?

The entire technical support team is in-house and not outsourced to a third party, they are highly experienced and trained. Our technical support team will answer your inquiries within 24 hours, and the whole team is fluent in English.

Do you need help with configurations & test services? kvm-tec technical support has you covered.

As a special service, we offer you our configuration and test services at a fix flat rate, so you can be sure that your installation on the customer side runs smoothly. We offer this service for kvm-tec switches as well as for your own hardware. The flat rates are staggered according to the number of extenders and working hours

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