Kramer HDBaseT extenders officially certified

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Kramer ElectronicsKramer HDBaseT Range Extenders, TP-580R/T, TP-580RXR/TXR, WP-580R/T and WP-580RXR/TXR Officially Certified by the HDBaseT Alliance

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce that its line of HDBaseT range extenders has been officially certified by the HDBaseT Alliance. Kramer Electronics will be showcasing the officially-certified HDBaseT range extender family at the coming ISE 2014 show.

Kramer HDBaseT TP-580RXR/TXR standalone and WP-580RXR/TXR wall-plate HDBaseT range extenders can send an HDMI signal up to 436 ft. (130m) when using Kramer's BC-DGKat623 DGKat™ cable, compared to 328ft (100m) when using any other standard industry cable. In addition, low cost HDBaseT certified range extenders, the TP-580R/T and WP-580R/T are also available and can send an HDMI signal up to 230 ft. (70m).

For demanding applications, Kramer offers a special XTRA (Long Reach) Mode, supported on the TP-580TXR/RXR and WP-580TXR/RXR models, allowing 1080p 60Hz HDMI signals with 8-bit color to reach all the way to 590 ft. (180m) when using Kramer's DGKat623 DGKat cable.

The TP-582T & TP-581T transmitters send the HDMI input signal, along with the Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232 and IR input signals as an integrated HDBaseT signal to a distance of 430 ft. (130m) when using Kramer's BC-DGKat623 DGKat cables. The TP-582R receiver converts the twisted pair signal back to Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232, IR and HDMI outputs, and de-embeds the audio (in certain models) to S/PDIF and TOSLink® audio outputs.

"The certification of Kramer's lines of HDBaseT range extenders ensures interoperability between various devices using HDBaseT technology, and reflects our quest, as a manufacturer, to ensure that installers and users alike will be able to achieve seamless AV integration," stated Ezra Ozer, Kramer Electronics' VP of Marketing.

"By successfully completing the HDBaseT certification process and applying the HDBaseT logo, Kramer is sending a clear message to its customers, that it understands the need to guarantee interoperability with all current and future HDBaseT products," said Micha Risling, Marketing Chair of the HDBaseT Alliance. "As the HDBaseT product ecosystem continues to grow, the HDBaseT certification process provides all alliance members with a formal framework that ensures cross vendor interoperability and standard compliance."

All of Kramer's Range Extenders are currently in stock and available from KVMGalore.

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