Improved IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors

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New SRT temperature sensors can now be used in cold storage and liquid temperature monitoring applications

KVMGalore is now shipping new and improved IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors, used to measure temperature and provide alerts in conjunction with IT WatchDogs' environmental monitoring systems.

IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors

The new and improved SRT temperature sensors are now encapsulated with a stainless steel sheath sealed with waterproof heat shrink tubing.  This provides abrasion resistance and environmental protection against dust and moisture. This allows SRT temperature sensors to carry an IP67 rating, opening to be used in applications related to cold storage and liquid temperature monitoring.

The standard temperature probe measures 1.25 inches in length. A 4-inch and 10-inch probe option is available for customers wanting to submerge these probes in water or glycol for liquid temperature monitoring.

New SRT temperature sensors' improved quality and form allow the sensor to be used in a wider range of applications. Otherwise, the sensors' original function and reliability remains as it used to be, with no particular customer action necessary in reference to this improvement.

New IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors are available with leading wires (connecting to the monitoring device) in varying lengths, from 12 feet and up to 100 feet long.

New IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors are now available on KVMGalore.


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