High-density HDMI extenders

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High-density HDMI transmitters accommodate up to 16 inputs/outputs on one power supply

High density rack-mount HDMI extenders

For uncompressed HDMI signal extension from one rack of source devices, high-density HDMI RKT-HDX100 video extension system is ideal for broadcasting up to sixteen (16) HDMI signals from one rack location to eight or sixteen HDMI displays located up to 150 feet away, using inexpensive CAT-5e/6 STP.

If you have a rack of source devices, whether it be computer servers, DVD players or other hardware, RKT-HDX100 allows you to run all of those components into one extension box that can accommodate up to 16 inputs/outputs on one power supply.

With the new 8-port RKT8-HDX100 and 16-port RKT16-HDX100 HDMI rack-mount transmitters, users can extend eight or 16 HDMI signals up to 150 feet in one compact and rack-mountable unit.

A key feature of the high-density HDMI RKT-HDX100 rack units is their use of inexpensive CAT-5/6 cables. These are the same cables that people rely on day in and day out to deliver LAN and Internet signals. For the extension of HD signals, CAT-5/6 cables provide users with economical way to send crystal clear HDMI signals quickly and effectively.

"Users need the freedom and flexibility to create the right signal flow for their needs, and our newest signal extenders give systems architects lots of options," said Albert Cohen, CEO of Smart-AVI. "Even better, these are cost-effective solutions that are easy to implement."

Utilizing RKT-HDX100, users at the rack (source) can monitor what's being shown to customers at the remote screens in real-time via a local display, retaining full control over the CPUs or HDMI sources, accessible only by key personnel at the rack. HDX-100 receiver unit at the screen is compact and is easily integrated into a digital display network in a retail store, bar/lounge or other venue. The receiver unit (purchased separately) is small and light, which makes inclusion into infrastructure very simple. 

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