DVNET Pro single- and multi-screen KVM switches

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DVNET ProThe newly-released DVNET Pro series of KVM switches from Smart-AVI delivers professional KVM functionality over DVI-D for expanded workflow productivity and larger desktop work spaces

For reliable and efficient DVI-D KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) functions, the new DVNET Pro series of KVM switches from Smart-AVI provides expandable and secure solutions for a wide variety of applications. From two ports to 16 ports, DVNET Pro series offers quick and effective KVM switching with uninterrupted USB emulation and hotkey operation.

Thanks to USB emulation, DVNET Pro series can maintain contact with all connected computers simultaneously, eliminating wait times as users switch control from computer to computer.

This new series of DVI-D KVM switches also supports audio, USB 2.0 sharing and RS-232 commands, all from one central location supporting both PCs and Macs, with single-monitor models and multi-screen models:


  • DVN-4Quad, with four ports and four displays
  • DVN-4Trio, with four ports and three displays
  • DVN-4Duo, with four ports and two displays

System architects can even sequence multiple switches together to connect even larger amounts of computers. "With an endless amount of applications, including server hosting, government operations, programming, video editing and many more, DVNET Pro series provides the best in KVM functionality and an expanded workflow productivity for any user or venue," said Albert Cohen, CEO of Smart-AVI. "And with uninterrupted USB emulation, KVM switching has never been so efficient."

DVNET Pro Multi-Screen KVM Switches and DVNET Pro KVM Switches are now offered with competitive pricing at KVMGalore.


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