Digital signage benefits you wish your boss knew now

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Digital signage benefits
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Digital signage benefits practically sell themselves...

Digital signage benefits hold certain advantages over the internet and even Facebook. So, getting your boss to sign off should be no problem...maybe. Naturally, people are going to be wary of new technology, but you can alleviate their concerns with a little education that's spoken in their language.

Here are a few of the great things about digital signs that you wish your boss knew:

Digital signage has a wider reach than Facebook

These days, organic reach is shrinking across social media. However, digital signage doesn't seem to have any problems attracting eyes. Actually, if you look at public venues, digital media reaches more people than Facebook and internet videos.

According to an Arbitron study, 70% of Americans have encountered a digital video display in the past month. During the same time frame, Facebook drew 41% of Americans, while internet videos pulled in 43%.

People remember ads from digital billboards

Thanks to smartphones, the average attention span is now 8 seconds. It's amazing that we remember anything, but digital billboards are one of the few things we don't seem to forget.

In a 2015 Neilsen survey, 55% of travelers were able to remember a billboard's message after passing it. The same study also examined levels of engagement within 6 campaigns, and the results were equally as impressive: Subjects recalled a specific ad up to 89% of the time!

Digital displays persuade customers where it counts

If you want to influence customers, you have to hit them where it counts: the point-of-sale. In fact, 40% of shoppers report that when presented with relevant info, a digital display can affect what they choose to purchase. This seems to be especially true in retail, where 8 out of 10 customers enter a store after spotting a digital sign.

LEDs offer one of the most cost-effective benefits of digital signage

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, digital signage may stand at the top of the heap. And LED signs are arguably the grand champions. Their CPM(cost per thousand impressions) is less than 10% of the other forms of advertising.

Hardware and software make a great team, but...

Plenty of people get wooed by powerful hardware and who can blame them? It's a physical product, so its capabilities can be easily displayed. But as you know, the world's best hardware won't do your company much good if it doesn't support its software. After all, the software is where you format, schedule, and troubleshoot your signage.

Encourage your boss to invest in a web-based system, or at the very least a licensing agreement. The last thing you want is a command center that's limited to a single computer. Not only does this hamper collaboration, but you'll have a difficult time managing anything away from your desk.

Setup is quick and easy, but you still need a plan

Let's say you're able to get your boss on board for digital signage. You deserve a pat on the back (seriously), but you won't be able to move forward without a concrete plan. While “attracting more customers” is a fine goal, it doesn't tell you much about budget, sign placement, or screen size.

Before diving in, give special consideration to the following points:

  • Will viewers be near or far from your sign? The further away they are, the larger the screen has to be to maintain visibility.
  • Distance from the sign also affects screen resolution. If customers are going to be up close and personal, you'll want to have higher resolution.
  • What are your restrictions on energy consumption? Large signs and touchscreens need more juice to keep running. But if you can't do without them, look for models that offer dimming or automatic shut-off features.


If your boss knew the benefits of digital signage included a wide reach and the power to drive conversions, your job would be a lot easier. Fortunately, the medium's selling points already pack a persuasive punch. All you need on your part is the willingness to educate, and the persistence to combat some skepticism. Be strong!

Have more questions about the benefits of digital signage? Feel free to reach out to our HelpCenter. We'd love to hear from you.

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