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Okay, so you have an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy tablet and just got a new iPad mini – plus your wife and kids are expecting to unwrap one or two mobile devices this holiday.  How are you going to charge all these devices plus organize them all in one place so you aren't looking for or fighting over charging cables?  And something else to consider – how are you going to charge them fast – so you are always ready to make calls or surf the net?

Kanex Sydnee has four 10-watt USB power ports to charge up to 4-iPads or 4-smart phones simultaneously.  This will charge all your devices fast and with the built-in short circuit protection - it won't overheat or fry out your devices.

Sydnee is smartly designed to simplify all your cable clutter with clean looks and it will store your iPad with their cases as well.  This makes it easy to charge, grab and go.

It's important to look for chargers that support the corresponding currents and power.  Here is what your computer, smart phone /iPad and new iPad mini/iPad 4 requires to charge:

Charging Requirements
Device Current Power
USB Port on PC  .5-amps 2.5 Watts
iPhone/Smart Phone 1-amps 5 Watts
iPad/Tablet 2.1-amps 10 Watts
iPad Mini/iPad 4 2.4-amps 12 Watts






KanexA cool tip for charging your devices faster!

You could charge an iPad with a smart phone charger but it will take twice as long to charge.  However if you use a 10-Watt power charger to charge your iPhone – it will take up to twice as fast to charge than your 5-Watt charger. For instance, if it takes 4 hours to charge your iPhone with a 5-Watt charger – it will only take 2 hours with a 10-Watt charger.

So remember – when looking for a charger - look for a charger that provides 10 to 12-watts per port.

Happy Charging!

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