Bring new life to your iMac 27-inch

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xBox and iMac 27-inch

If you have an iMac 27-inch or an Apple Cinema Display – you can give it a new life by turning it into an HDTV.  This can come in handy if you just purchased a new MacBook and don’t know what do with your older iMac.  Kanex XD from Kanex converts your iMac into an HDTV so you can connect your PS3, Xbox 360 or Blu-ray player.

Kanex XD has an HDMI port for connecting your game consoles or Blu-ray players and a mini-Display port for connecting to the iMac 27-inch or Apple Cinema Display. Kanex XD provides a crisp and clear picture without video scaling.

Command + F2Your iMac can also stay being a Mac as well. You can use the command+F2 function to toggle between OS (Mac computer mode) and target display mode (gaming/video watching) for maximum efficiency.

If you can set your cable box to output in 720p via the HDMI then you can also connect your cable box to the iMac 27-Inch via Kanex XD.

Unfortunately you can't use Kanex XD to connect to new Macs via the mini display port for it is not Thunderbolt compatible. Let us now if this would be a feature you'd like or if it would be useful for you. We want your feedback!

More info on Kanex XD

PS3 and iMac 27-inch

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