Avocent SV200 series of desktop KVM switches

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Avocent SV200 series of KVM switchesAvocent SV200 series of desktop KVM switches bring order to desktop chaos

KVMGalore today added Avocent SV200 from Vertiv to its portfolio of 4K KVM switches, to control up to four 4K Displayport, HDMI or DVI computers from just one 4K KVM console. Whether you have a business with limited IT resources or a department in a large organization, these KVM solutions simplify access to essential business systems.

With Avocent SV200 KVM switches you can:
• Increase productivity with simple, rapid access to systems and peripherals
• Gain true image reproduction and display flexibility with support for Ultra-HD systems and mobile devices
• Reduce costs with fewer peripheral purchases and easier IT maintenance

Avocent SV200 KVM switches support USB 3.0 peripherals (4-port models), audio, copy and paste between sources, and mobile media view and fast charging (4-port models).

Avocent SV200 desktop KVM switches provide streamlined connectivity and control of today's multimedia desktops. Avocent SV200 KVM switches support a wide range of peripherals and up to four different systems or networks. When employees need access to PCs, scanners, printers, mobile devices, corporate ERP and CRM systems, mail servers or Ultra-HD multimedia systems — all of these and more are accessible through Avocent SV200 KVM switches.

Simply by pushing a button, users gain instant access to multiple computers and peripherals, all through a single monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Top Avocent SV200 KVM switch features:

  • Mouse and keyboard switching via emulation assures zero delay when switching between systems
  • Easily switch audio and USB 3.0 peripherals independently of KVM
  • Support the mobile worker with instant access to mobile and USB device data (4-port models)
  • Three USB 3.0 ports on the front enable easy connectivity to external USB devices, quick data transfer and high speed charging of mobile devices (4-port models)
  • DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and DVI video support for 4K @ 30Hz resolution
  • Mobile high-definition link allows media contained on mobile devices to be viewed on connected monitor (4-port models)
  • Independent audio and USB switching lets users freeze audio and USB 3.0 peripherals while simultaneously working on a different system (4-port models)
  • Multiple USB ports provide easy connectivity to external USB devices, quick data transfer and high-speed charging of mobile devices (4-port models)
  • Copy and paste data files and text between systems
  • Managed copy and paste of files and text between sources allows content to be copied from one system to another. The user simply copies the content in one system, pushes a button to switch to another system and pastes the content into the second system. Copy and paste can be managed with built-in controls to specify what can be copied, such as allowing a user to copy numbers only

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