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New ADDERLink iPEPS+ secure, real-time remote access to HDMI® video from anywhere in the world

Enables secure WAN/Internet access with same performance as local KVM connection

ADDERLink iPEPS+KVMGalore today announced the availability of ADDERLink iPEPS+, an exciting evolution to Adder's highly successful iPEPS (IP Engine per Server) range of remote access products.

ADDERLink iPEPS+ boasts significant technological developments and brings enhanced remote access functionality to all industries where security and video quality are business-critical.

In many markets, where computers are situated in restricted or difficult-to-access areas such as industrial sites, silicon fabrication plants and off-shore locations, the need for secure and responsive remote control is paramount. Any delay, even if only a second, could impact the entire operation.

In response to this need, Adder has developed ADDERLink iPEPS+ to provide smooth-motion video at up to 30 fps together with 24-bit color depth over IP. This versatile addition to KVMGalore's portfolio of KVM over IP Gateways enables organisations to securely view and edit HDMI video from anywhere in the world as if they were locally connected to the target computer.

"The adoption rate of KVM-over-IP is forecasted to skyrocket over the next five years," said Daniel Schar, KVMGalore president, "and we have seen a significant increase in customers demanding the ability to securely access servers or computers from anywhere in the world, across a WAN, with an at desk experience.

  • Smooth motion video at up to 30 frames per second (fps)
  • Precise mouse synchronization
  • Enterprise-level security with Microsoft Active Directory integration

ADDERLink iPEPS+ is the ideal remote access solution in environments where security is critical. A public-to-private network separation plus AES encryption minimizes the risk of an external security breach, while user access profiles and integration with Microsoft Active Directory ensure internal security is not compromised.

"When it comes to remote access, we're seeing more and more customers choosing hardware over software. It is non-intrusive, more secure and enables BIOS-level access, enabling the user to see and control everything as if connected locally," said Daniel Schar, KVMGalore president.

ADDERLink iPEPS+ is now available for pre-order on, and will be shipping within 4 weeks.

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Adder Technology, a global specialist in connectivity and IP KVM, enables the real-time control and management of distributed IT systems. With a presence in over 60 countries, Adder works with a network of distributors, resellers and OEMs to connect millions of devices worldwide. Adder is a thought leader and continues to deliver excellence through innovation.

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