4K-Wall 2×2 video wall controller

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4K-Wall HDMI-DVI 2x2 video wall controller and 4x4 matrix switch with on screen display, 4K resolution, integrated Web server, IR and RS-232 control


With support for four (4) inputs and four (4) outputs, new 4K-Wall 2x2 video wall controller and 4x4 video matrix is a customizable HDMI/DVI video wall solution that can be managed directly through the hardware controller.

To create a high-resolution, unique and low-maintenance video wall, users need look no further than the newly released 4K-Wall from Smart-AVI. This high-definition video wall hardware controller is the most useable and easy-to-manage 4k resolution product on the market, thanks to its intuitive, hardware-only design.

With four (4) HDMI inputs and four (4) HDMI outputs, users can customize their video wall on the fly with no need for a computer, software or any prior experience with video walls. This flexible hardware solution also features all of the capabilities of a 4x4 HDMI and DVI matrix and is HDCP compliant.

4K-Wall is an all-hardware solution, providing simple plug-and-play technology that anyone can use. With convenient On Screen Display (OSD) functionality, users can configure their video wall or other video display exactly how they want it to look with the click of a button. And with integrated Web server connectivity, users can also choose to configure the video wall from anywhere by connecting online. It’s never been easier to install or maintain a video wall with this new and innovative product.

A key aspect of 4K-Wall is the way users can customize the way they display their video content, from one large image over four screens, to four images sent to each screen, and more. With programmable blending and positioning of all four sources, eye-catching formats can be generated and reconfigured instantly.

"4K-Wall video wall controller and matrix switch is ideal for any venue because of how easy it is to implement," said Albert Cohen, CEO of Smart-AVI. "With the incredible images it can display and its 4x4 matrix capacity, there's no limit to what users can accomplish for messaging, branding and informing an audience."

4K-Wall is now available from KVMGalore.

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