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INFINITY 4000 - A dual-head 4K DisplayPort, audio and USB 2.0 IP KVM extension/switching/matrix systemINFINITY 4000

over a single fiber using a standard 10GbE IP network

KVMGalore today announced the availability of  a high performance 4K IP KVM matrix over a single fiber with the launch of ADDERLink™ INFINITY 4000 Series (ALIF4000) from Adder Technology, a global specialist in connectivity and IP KVM.

The adoption of 4K technology continues to rise dramatically. It is predicted that the global 4K display market will be worth $52 billion by 2020 (up by 188% vs 2015)*. The projected growth of 4K technology, and the increasing demand for 4K content, means the launch of ALIF4000 series is perfectly timed to support IP KVM users as they move to 4K environments. The introduction of ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series means expanding a KVM over IP matrix to include dual-head 4K could not be easier.

Full compatibility with the existing INFINITY range means ALIF4000 can be phased in to an existing network without disruption, downtime or the costly need to rip and replace. ALIF4000 delivers pixel-perfect picture quality, audio and USB to single or dual 4K screens over a single fiber link. At the same time, it supports mixed 1Gb and 10Gb networks and gives customers the right size technology with an opportunity to embrace 4K when they're ready.

ALIF4000 will help organisations across a wide range of industries integrate 4K content into their everyday work quickly and efficiently. John Stevens, director of engineering at Los Angeles-based post-production house The Foundation, said, "The launch of ALIF4000 series gives us the opportunity to take control and add 4K functionality to our existing infrastructure, as and when we need it, without having to rip and replace; meaning we can continue to meet our customers' growing need for 4K output."

ALIF4000 series simplifies the adoption and efficiency of 4K IP KVM by offering 4K, USB and audio all through a single fiber connection. This makes it the ideal solution for anyone looking to implement single or dual 4K screens into an IP KVM environment.

Adrian Dickens, managing director at Adder Technology, said, "When speaking with customers during the development of ALIF4000, we discovered that many were delaying the shift to 4K to avoid the costly hardware upgrades, swap-outs or full rip and replace jobs that they believed were required to gain 4K video support.

"In response, Adder has delivered a product that enables our customers to add 4K to their workflow, at a time that is right for them, without enduring unnecessary costs."

Take control of high-performance 4K IP KVM
ADDERLink INFINITY range is trusted by thousands of organizations around the globe. ADDERLink™ INFINITY™ accelerates and simplifies adoption of high-performance 4K IP KVM, now with dual-head 4K, audio and USB delivered over a single fiber connection, pixel-perfect, color accurate picture quality at 4K60 and USB 2.0 with fast switching.

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* Source: Statista

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