New SmartAVI SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-Switch Series – A Game-Changer

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SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM Switches with Video Emulation and 4K/60 Resolution

SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-switch series

SmartAVI's new SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-switch series represents not just a step, but a leap in KVM-switching technology, blending innovation with practicality.

The new SmartAVI SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-switch series is setting a new standard in the KVM switch market.


Because for the first time, a DisplayPort KVM switch has built-in video emulation.

Unlike traditional DisplayPort KVM switches, SmartAVI SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-switch series is designed to overcome the inherent DisplayPort loss of picture when switching from one connected computer to another (leading to a disorganized desktop video upon switching).

SmartAVI SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-switch series' built-in EDID Aux Emulation offers full EDID video emulation that ensures visual workspaces and screen resolutions are remembered every time you switch between computers.

New SmartAVI SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-switch series is more than a tool - it's a commitment to excellence, ensuring that professionals in various fields can work with confidence and clarity. Here's why it's a game-changer:

• Consistent Settings: With EDID (Aux) Emulation, the user enjoys uninterrupted and consistent monitor settings, a must-have for precision-focused professionals.

• Crystal-Clear Resolution: 4K60 Ultra-HD video resolution brings your work to life with stunning clarity and detail.

• Market Leader: This series is the first in the market to offer these advanced features, leading the way in technological innovation.

• Trusted by Experts: Renowned for reliability, SmartAVI SM-EDPN series is the new go-to choice for professionals, including radiologists, who rely on precision and quality.

SmartAVI SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM switches are available in 2, 4, and 8-port models including single, dual, and quad video-head variations!

EDID Aux Emulation
With EDID Aux (DisplayPort Auxiliary channel) video emulation, your window and monitor configurations remain intact when switching between computers connected to the KVM switch, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

SmartAVI SM-EDPN DisplayPort KVM-switch series's built-in EDID Aux Emulation offers:

• Consistent Screen Resolutions: With EDID (Aux) Emulation, your screen resolutions stay static, providing a stable visual experience when switching between connected computers

• Persistent Icon and Window Positions: Switch between connected computers without the chaos - icons and window positions remain undisturbed, ensuring a smooth transition between tasks

• Multi-Video-Head Stability: In multi-head setups, monitor positions stay intact, maintaining the organization you've carefully set up within your operating system

SmartAVI SM-EDPN KVM switches are first in the market to incorporate EDID video emulation in a DisplayPort KVM switch.

The creation of SmartAVI's SM-EDPN DisplayPort emulated KVM switches is a big opportunity to help customers switch to DisplayPort - the native video format of their equipment, and upgrade existing systems across multiple markets.

Customers can now upgrade from their legacy DVI equipment and switch to SmartAVI's SM-EDPN emulated DisplayPort KVM switches to get the latest 4K60 resolutions without sacrificing setup time in between source switching.

Single video-head SM-EDPN 2- 4- and 8-port DisplayPort KVM switches are now available for ordering and shipping.
Multi-screen SM-EDPN 2- and 4-port, dual- and quad- screen DisplayPort KVM switches are also available for ordering and shipping, with an 8-port dual-screen model coming soon.

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