HighSecLabs secure products now available on KVMGalore

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HighSecLabs (HSL) secure switching solutions, such as KVMs, combiners, multiviewers and KMs (keybord/mouse switches) are now available on KVMGalore

HighSecLabsConsistent exponential growth in cyber-attacks and highly funded hackers present a constant threat to companies' classified data, intellectual property, and critical infrastructures. While substantial resources are invested in network security and data isolation, the end user desktop is still highly vulnerable to security breaches and the existing solutions are high cost and clumsy.

The HighSecLabs solution
HSL is dedicated to offering intelligent secure solutions for the desktop, designed to isolate networks while still allowing an easy and flexible work environment.  Products, sold under the HSL brand or under OEM agreements, are designed with strong emphasis on user-friendly intuitive interfaces, compliance with harshest security standards, cost effectiveness and small footprint.

HighSecLabs (HSL) develops high-quality, customized cyber-defense solutions addressing a wide variety of organizations, from government agencies, to military, command & control, and finance - to name just a few verticals.

The company's extensive research and development expertise position it to provide uniquely tailored testing and R&D services to leading vendors in the field. HighSecLabs services meet vendor requirements complying with harshest security and quality standards.

With dozens of patents submitted, HSL is dedicated to developing innovative solutions installed worldwide in conference rooms, mobile and stationary command centers, trading floors, military divisions and more.

HighSecLabs secure switches are now available on KVMGalore.

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