Gefen AV over IP delivers extensive enhancements

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Gefen AV over IP expanded capability and new efficiency includes independent routing that enables users to experience true matrixing for every AV and control signal

Continuing in its quest to provide seamless, sophisticated signal distribution and control solutions for commercial applications worldwide, KVMGalore today announced an array of new, powerful features that facilitate independent routing of individual AV signals within Gefen's second generation of AV over IP and KVM over IP products.

This new level of control gives integrators and end users the power to discretely separate and distribute any audio and video signal for whole site AV distribution and control without interrupting the current configuration of the system. This true matrixing capability also allows IR and serial control to be accurately directed for easy management of sources and displays.

Integration of other features, such as advanced EDID management, helps solve many of the key issues that installers face in the field. An all new interface is integrated into each product along with updates to the EXT-CU-LAN Matrix Controller that will manage all the new features.

Gefen AV over IP

"We’re setting the next gen benchmark for video technology for our partners around the globe. Historically, this signal distribution required separate products," said Richard Pugnier, Vice President of Marketing for Nortek Security & Control. "While some solutions have been able to combine various capabilities of these new functions in one product, they do not have the adaptability and scalability of AV over IP with the latest innovations and quality of Gefen products."

"AV over IP is the most versatile AV signal management platform available today, with the ability to split, switch, matrix, convert and extend AV signals in every product," added Jason Fitzgerald, Product Manager for Gefen products. While many AV over IP systems on the market route all their signals (e.g., video, audio, serial, IR and USB) to a single destination at once, this new update brings complete control of each signal’s route.

  • Key Features Include
    Independent routing for video, audio, serial, IR and USB allows users to distribute each source without being tethered to the video signal.
  • All new interface can link any of the signals to video as desired and will display identification using the programmed names in Gefen Syner-G™ to show how each is routed.
  • Complete discovery protocol management integration that brings full Gefen Syner-G functionality and control to each unit.
  • Independent routing control availability in the Gefen Matrix Controller for seamless integration with new and existing systems.
  • Advanced EDID management now allows for custom EDID uploads and the ability to lock EDIDs into each sender that resolves EDID related issues.

Fifteen innovative Gefen products will benefit from the update including all second-generation AV over IP and KVM over IP products and the Matrix Controller.

About Gefen
The Gefen® brand is synonymous with high-quality audio/video (A/V) signal processing solutions for commercial applications around the globe. With a rich heritage of practical innovation and first-to-market video products including scalers, extenders, switchers, AV over IP solutions and video wall controllers, Gefen products deliver intuitive A/V distribution solutions that bridge the gap between rapidly advancing technology and real-world applications.

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