The KVMGalore glossary: Your go to resource

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Every new technology seems to come with its own specialized vocabulary. Sometimes it’s a new acronym, like UTP (unshielded twisted pair, cancels out electromagnetic interference from outside sources). Other times it’s a familiar term used in a new way, like Console (set of peripherals OR developer tab in some more.

Troubleshooting your electronics: When to seek help from a professional

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So you purchased the new LCD Console of your dreams from

You waited patiently while you watched the tracking info update online. Finally, it arrives at your door! You rip open the box, and immediately begin setting it up. You follow the directions, hit the power button, and … nothing happens?

tech solutions

What do you do next? more.

Key Digital A/V solutions now available on KVMGalore

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Top-tier audio/video solution provider Key Digital now available on KVMGalore

Key Digital

Key Digital® develops and manufactures high quality, cutting-edge technology solutions for virtually all applications where high quality video imaging is important.

Key Digital is at the forefront of the video industry for home theater retailers, custom installers, system integrators, broadcasters, manufacturers, and consumers.

Key Digital is an award winning more.

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HighSecLabs secure products now available on KVMGalore

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HighSecLabs (HSL) secure switching solutions, such as KVMs, combiners, multiviewers and KMs (keybord/mouse switches) are now available on KVMGalore


Consistent exponential growth in cyber-attacks and highly funded hackers present a constant threat to companies' classified data, intellectual property, and critical infrastructures. While substantial resources are invested in network security and data isolation, the end user desktop more.