High-density HDMI extenders

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High-density HDMI transmitters accommodate up to 16 inputs/outputs on one power supply

High density rack-mount HDMI extenders

For uncompressed HDMI signal extension from one rack of source devices, high-density HDMI RKT-HDX100 video extension system is ideal for broadcasting up to sixteen (16) HDMI signals from one rack location to eight or sixteen HDMI displays located ...read more.

New VM-4HN HDMI 4K distribution amplifier

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Kramer ElectronicsKramer Electronics Introduces New VM-4HN HDMI Distribution Amplifier

VM-4HN is a 1:4 HDMI distribution amplifier for HDMI signals. It reclocks and equalizes the signal and distributes it to four identical outputs. VM-4HN, with its maximum data rate of 10.2Gbps (3.4Gbps per graphic channel) distributes signals with resolutions up to Quad HD ...read more.

Multiview KVM switch

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MultiView KVM switchA multiview KVM switch controls multiple computers with all videos showing on one screen

A split-screen multiview KVM switch controls multiple computers from one console while splitting the monitor into sections, then individually and simultaneously displaying video from connected computers on each section of the screen, with all videos showing on one screen.

A typical KVM switch allows a user to have just one console and ...read more.