Improved IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors

Posted on July 22, 2015 by KVMGalore   |  0 comments

New SRT temperature sensors can now be used in cold storage and liquid temperature monitoring applications

IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors

KVMGalore is now shipping new and improved IT WatchDogs SRT temperature sensors, used to measure temperature and provide alerts in conjunction with IT WatchDogs' environmental monitoring systems.

The new and improved SRT temperature sensors are now encapsulated with a stainless steel more.

RAC10 airflow control system

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RAC10An intelligent fan system that evacuates heat from small network closets

IT WatchDogs developed an intelligent fan system that monitors and evacuates heat from small network/IT rooms and data center closets.

The self-contained RAC10 system installs within standard ceiling tile structures or walls and is designed to remove heat generated by critical IT more.