AdderLink INFINITY: Digital fluidity

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AdderLink INFINITY - pure digital media extension over IP, featuring dual-view or dual-link DVI, digital audio, USB true emulation, network multicast, device switching and EPG-style user interface

Adder has always been well known for their extensive range of KVM and KVMA extenders. AdderLink INFINITY demonstrates their leading IP capability by delivering fluid interaction with computers as far away as your network can extend.

AdderLink INFINITY allows you to build a flexible video-over-IP and KVM over IP infrastructure. Locate computers anywhere you like, share connections to computers, watch the interactions others have with computers, share control, collaborate, switch computers and so on.

Flexible Usage Architecture

AdderLink INFINITY can be configured to deliver the ultimate in system flexibility. In the diagram, we can see the use of  two remote computers resulting in several very distinct usage scenarios:

Multicasting: The video output from any transmitter can be multicast to many receivers. The video data only exists once  on the network, and each connected user (receiver) can view the output simultaneously.

Full Control: This user has full control of computer 1. They are viewing the video output, listening to the audio, using a local USB peripheral and they have full keyboard and mouse control.

Mixed Receiver: Here a user is viewing the output video from computer 2 with full keyboard, mouse and local USB device control at the user’s desk. At the same time, this user is listening to audio from Computer 1.

A/V Only: This user position is configured to display video and play audio only. A/V selection may be from different sources.

Share Mode: In share mode, two or more users have simultaneous access to a shared computer enabling collaboration or advanced control applications.

Any to Any: In Any to Any mode, connections are fully independent enabling one user to access the first computer while another user accesses another computer etc. This mode supports large scalable matrix switching scenarios.


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