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Troubleshoot technical problems with your product

Products purchased through KVMGalore are warranted and supported by the product's manufacturer. Your product is covered by
the original manufacturer's warranty.

If you are experiencing a technical difficulty and need technical support or assistance with troubleshooting your product, or if you
suspect your unit is malfunctioning, please call the manufacturer directly. A list of manufacturer's technical support's phone
numbers is provided below.

Based on the manufacturer's technical support policy, the manufacturer will be able to assist you with troubleshooting your product
and getting it to work properly. In the event of malfunction, the manufacturer's technical support will be able to determine whether
the product needs to be replaced or sent back for repair. Whichever the case may be – the manufacturer should be able to take care
of the problem you are having with your product.

In the unlikely event that you are experiencing some difficulty with having the manufacturer resolve your technical problem, please
feel free to contact us via e-mail, or at 1-800-636-3434, and we'll be happy to assist you towards a quick and satisfactory resolution
of this matter.


Toll Free: (888) 932-3337

Phone: (256) 539-9766


Toll Free: (866) 946-4327

Phone: (949) 453-8782


Toll Free: (800) 636-3434

Phone: (212) 679-0050


Toll Free: (888) 999-2836

Phone: (949) 428-1111

IT WatchDogs


Phone: (512) 257-1462


Toll Free: (800) 724-8090

Phone: (732) 764-8886


Toll Free: (888) 793-8763

Phone: (941) 957-7969


Key Digital


Phone: (914) 667-9700


Toll Free: (800) 333-9343

Phone: (281) 933-7673


Toll Free: (800) 223-5546



Kramer Electronics

Toll Free: (888) 275-6311

Phone: (908) 735-0018


Toll Free: (800) 284-2131

Phone: (818) 503-6200


Toll Free: (800) 506-9607

Phone: (937) 224-8646


Minicom Digital Signage

Toll Free: (888) 275-6311

Phone: (908) 735-0018

Toll Free: (800) 265-1844

Phone: (519) 455-9675



Toll Free: (800) 545-6900

Phone: (818) 772-9100


Toll Free: (800) 742-8324

Phone: (330) 562-7070


Toll Free: (888) 520-7479

Phone: (859) 980-0421





























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