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WHDIWireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) is a consumer electronic specification for a wireless HDTV connectivity throughout the home. WHDI technology enables delivery of uncompressed high-definition digital video over a wireless radio channel throughout the home, connecting any video source (computers, mobile phones, Blu-ray players etc.) to any compatible display device with video rates of up to 1080p in the 5Ghz unlicensed band.

WHDI surpasses competitive technologies by providing outstanding and consistent picture quality equivalent to wired HDMI™ cable, low latency, multi-room availability and low power consumption.

WHDI revolutionizes the home multimedia experience by wirelessly delivering interactive HD video from any device to any display, allowing consumers to wirelessly connect HDTVs to video sources with high convenience and flexibility.

WHDI Consortium was formed and is supported and driven by Amimon, Hitachi, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and LG Electronics.