TRRS Connector

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3.5 mm TRRS connector plugTRRS connector is a four-contact version of an audio connector (or phone connector), where T stands for "tip", R stands for "ring", and S stands for "sleeve".

A TRRS connector is cylindrical in shape, and is typically used in compact camcorders and portable media players, sometimes also in laptop computers and smartphones, providing stereo sound plus a video signal.

Proprietary interfaces using four-conductor TRRS connectors also exist, where the extra conductor is used to supply power for accessories. A four-conductor 3.5 mm plug is also used as a speaker-microphone connector on handheld amateur radio transceivers and on mobile phones.

This type connector was invented for use in telephone switchboards in the 19th century, AKA phone connector. In its original configuration, the outside diameter of the "sleeve" conductor was ¼ inch. The 3.5 mm (approx. ⅛ inch) version is also known as the miniature (or mini) version of a phone connector.

See: TS connector; TRS connector