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SC duplex fiber-optic connectorSC (Standard Connector; Subscriber Connector) is a standard type of fiber optical connector termination. It's a fiber-optic cable connector with a 2.5mm pre-radiused zirconia ferrule that uses a push-pull latching mechanism similar to common audio and video cables.

The connector, originally developed in Japan by NTT (the Japanese telecommunications company), provides a push-on/pull-off mating mechanism which is generally easier to use than the twist-style ST connector when in tight spaces. The SC connector body is square shaped, and two SC connectors can be held together with a plastic clip.

SC simplex fiber-optic connectorAvailable in simplex and duplex styles, SC snap-in connectors are widely used for their excellent performance, as they latch with a simple push-pull motion, providing quick patching of cables into rack or wall mounts.