LCD Console

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LCD consoleAlso known as 'KVM Drawer', 'LCD Console Drawer/Tray' or 'KVM LCD Console' - LCD console is a rack-mounted all-in-one computer console with an LCD display. 

A thin (typically no more than 1U - 1.75" high), rugged tray/drawer constructed of metal that gets rack-mounted in an IT equipment rack so that - when not in use - it occupies minimal space in the rack.  The rack-mount tray has a handle at the front, allowing the 'drawer' to slide and be pulled out for use.  Once pulled out - the top portion of the sliding drawer gets lifted up on hinges, exposing a built-in LCD screen which displays the video from the connected computer.  The bottom portion of the drawer consists of a built-in keyboard and a pointing device (touch-pad or track-ball), for interaction with the connected computer.

Closed LCD consoleAn LCD console gets connected to the video, keyboard and mouse ports of one computer, or can have an integrated KVM switch, allowing the user to use the console to interact with many computers connected to the switch.  Some models feature an integrated KVM-over-IP switch.

Dual-rail LCD console with tucked-in keyboardSome LCD consoles feature a sliding mechanism for the LCD screen which is separate than the sliding mechanism for the keyboard/mouse, allowing only the screen to be visible (while the keyboard/mouse tray is 'tucked in').  This feature is useful for monitoring purposes, also allowing a rack's see-through front door to be closed while the monitor is still visible.