KVM over IP

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KVM over IPKeyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM) over IP describes a technology that supports remotely interfacing with keyboard/video/mouse signals over IP, or - in simpler terms - over a network such as Internet, WAN or LAN.

KVM over IP technology digitizes a computer's keyboard/video/mouse signals, encrypts them (for security purposes) and sends then over an IP network.

In effect, KVM over IP allows a remote user to typically use a computer (or a special KVM over IP Receiver box) connected to a network, to interface with keyboard/video/mouse port(s) of a computer (or many computers) connected to a 'KVM over IP Box' which is on the same network. This remote user interaction with the computer(s) is performed as if the user were using a console local to the computer(s).

This 'KVM over IP Box' can have a few different variations, all of which have one thing in common: Interaction with a computer (or many computers) via its keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) ports. Such variations may include:

  • KVM over IP Gateway
  • KVM over IP Switch
  • KVM over IP Extender
  • KVM over IP Matrix
  • KVM over IP LCD Console


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