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KVM extenderA device that extends an original signal or extends the capability of controlling an original device to a remote (extended) location, typically using standard CAT-5/5e/6/7 cable(s).

An extender typically consists of two (2) components: A (local) transmitter that connects to the source, and a (remote) receiver that resides at the extended location connecting to the target.  The transmitter and the receiver are typically connected over a distance with a CAT-5 cable.

Extenders may include:

  • Audio Extender – Extending speakers.
  • Component Extender – Extending component video to a remote display.
  • DVI Extender – Extending DVI video to a remote display.
  • HDMI Extender – Extending HDMI signals to a remote HDTV display.
  • KVM Extender – Extending a computer console consisting of a keyboard, video-monitor, and mouse.
  • PS/2 Extender – Extending PS/2 peripherals (keyboard and mouse).
  • RS232 Extender – Extending RS232 devices such as touch-screens.
  • USB Extender – Extending USB devices such as cameras.
  • Video Extender – Extending a video signal to a remote display.